Thursday, March 26, 2009

4 trips to the doctor in 1 day!

Busy day yesterday. Eva had been throwing up all weekend but seemed better on Monday so I didn't take her in but when she started throwing up again on Tuesday I called the doc. and got a Wednesday morning appointment.

Tuesday afternoon on my way in to my radiation treatment I biffed it big time in the parking lot but besides being a very humbling experience (nothing like a grown adult sprawled out half way across a road bleeding from 5 differenct places) it was also rather painful. I decided to just deal with it. Well by evening I was in a deal of pain and was able to pinpoint better what hurt most. It was my wrist and one of my knees. So I needed an x-ray of my hand. In all the plethera of doctors I have on speed dial I don't happen to have a family practice doc. and the urgent care clinics won't take Medicaid so I was told to find an ER. I thought it would be better to do in the middle of the day rather than middle of the night because no normal people go to ER's, they go to thier regular doctor if at all possible, so I thought it would be less busy. Wendesday noonish I head in for an x-ray (fractured wrist).

Then I have to head in for my daily radiation treatment which I was expecting but was just one more doctor to see in an already to-may-doctors day. At least I didn't hit gravel this time.

While Eva was waiting to be seen at the pediatricians Christopher texts me to say that Belle has a rash at school. I figure it's no big deal, it's not like they kicked her out of class and she needs to come home. Noonish while I'm waiting on x-ray he says shes itchy now too. I suggest he run to Walmart for some Benedryl. She was on an anti-biotic for a UTI and they said if she got itchy to give Benedryl. Still I think it's no big deal. I come home from radiation at 5:10, just after the pediatricians office has closed and Belle is sitting on the couch covered from head to toe, I mean scalp to toe-nails in pink polka dots. They were growing so fast that they were beginning to blur together into one large itchy mass. Downtown we go to Cook Children's ER/Urgent Care. She was reacting to the anti-biotic, big time. Next time, Christopher knows not to say 'she has a little rash but rather 'our daughter is so covered in itchy spots that she needs to see a doctor pronto' so that I'll take it seriously.

Busy day. Glad it's over.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

We Blog!

After years of holding back we have finally decided to Blog! So here is our first attempt. We were enjoying a nice Sunday dinner in the backyard today (I love 80 degree weather in March) so I decided to take some pictures. We have been working really hard the last week to get our yard the way we've always wanted it to be. We have planted, weeded, moved, chopped, trimmed, fed, etc. all week long. Yesterday, Christopher got up in the tree with a brand new chain saw and went to work thinning it out a little and taking it out of the neighbors electrical wires. A friend encouraged him to try it without requesting the power company turn off those wires. I asked what he (the friend) would do if I lost my husband on the off chance that no harm happened (husband, chainsaw, tree, powerlines, not a good mix). He offered his 21 year-old son who is currently serving a mission as a replacement. Luckily Christopher is safe and Andrew is off the hook. The yard looks great! The sandbox is ready for play. We've got a big new rectangular patio table that actually seats all of us, as opposed to the small round one that didn't. Some of the plants are in the ground, others will be planted soon. We've started the lettuce, broccoli, lavender, chives, basil, and cilantro. We started our garlic in december. We also have a plethera of blooms from daffodil, lily, tulip, croccus, and muscari. We are so excited for spring!