Friday, July 3, 2009

Garden Goodies

We are starting to enjoy the fruits of our labor, although the amount you pay in soil, plants, tools, etc hardly makes it worth it. Growing your own food is definately not cheaper than buying it at the store, but it is fun and the kids are learning from our efforts. Here are some pictures of our potato crop. Something about growing it yourself makes it taste SOOO much better. These were turned into three days worth of fabulous mashed potatoes.


I just realized that I never posted about Eva's stitches. She was jumping off the wall at the pool during her swim lesson, when she turned half way out and landed fast first against the wall. Her upper front teeth went through her lip. She got 9 stitches and a face full of gross for a week but it healed amazingly fast and she is completely back to normal.


Pictures will follow but for now I'll just tell you about it. Both Isabelle and Jack are on baseball teams (t-ball) this summer. Isabelle plays for the Rangers and Jack for the Red Sox. Isabelle practices twice per week and Jack only once. We are having a blast.

After the first practice we went out and bought batting helments, bats, cleats, baseball pants and socks, etc. Christopher wanted Isabelle to be the princess of baseball since she's the only girl so she got cleats that were puffpainted pink (pink ones at the store are expensive), a pink helment, a pink bat, a pink glove, etc. Everything is pink. Her teammates all have a crush on her which is really cute, they all want to stand next to her, do what she does, wait for her to take a turn, etc. She is learning fast and doing pretty well in the outfield she plays left-center or first base, she is still working on batting from a tee.

Jack's team is hilarious to watch, oh what a difference a year makes, the 4 year olds don't even understand the game yet. Jack is playing 1st base, he does pretty well chasing the balls that get thrown to him. There were as many parents as kids on the field, each standing behind a kid (not necessarily their own) trying to guide them about when to play and when to stand still. He bats pretty well though. He hits straight and clear, he just needs to put some more muscle into it and he'll be a fabulous hitter.

Between those three practices each week and Christophers softball games we are pretty busy. We are having a blast. Since Christopher is out of school baseball seems to be the biggest thing in our lives right now. Games start the week of the 13th. Wish them luck and I promise to post some pictures of the games. Maybe Eva and I should find teams to play on?


We had grits for breakfast a few mornings ago and Jack kept calling them e-grits which we thought was funny but didn't understand. Did he think they were electronic grits? We often ask the kids where different foods come from and what categories they are in (food pyramid). When we got to the grits on our list of breakfast foods Jack answered quickly and firmly, they come from Egrets. Aah, the answer to our question.