Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Artist

We are so proud of Isabelle. This is the 2nd year in a row that she has had artwork on display at the Mansfield District Elementary Art Show. Here is her piece from this year. I checked her out of school at lunch time to take her down to see all the art and while she was there a journalist for a local magazine, Mansfield Now, took her picture with her artwork for an article about the art show and the artists. I'll be buying the June issue!

The Farmer's Market and Preserving

I had a great couple of days working with my good friend, Laura, on some food storage! We went down to the Dallas Farmers Market and got some great deals on Tomatoes ($12.50 for 25 lbs, 4=100 lbs of tomatoes) and Strawberries ($5.50/flat, 12=96 lbs of berries), plus $7 for a 50 lb bag of those awesome purple Onions, and we bought all the other supplies we'd need for Salsa. Then we spent the next two days blanching, saucing, freezing, drying, jamming, and everything else you can imagine. Here is the end result of all our hard work. And the best part is that it came out to about $1/item (Bag of frozen berries, jar of Salsa, etc).

Easter 2011

We spent Easter weekend in Lubbock TX with a bunch of the family. Gabe's birthday was the day after Easter and between that and the fact that he just got an awesome promotion that will move them to Oregon, and Casi was headed to Paris for 8 weeks so we thought we'd make the trip out there to see everyone. We had a great 3 days, it was the perfect break. We swam at the pool at Texas Tech (thanks Aunt Leslie) so everyone was slightly sunburned, we picniced at the park, we stayed up late every night playing games, and we talked a whole lot! Great fun. Here's some pictures from our Easter egg hunt in the park before church.

Eva's First Soccer Team

The Royals! A friend of ours invited Eva to play on their soccer team this year. She didn't love it and it probably won't be repeated for a few years, but we did have fun watching her. She's so funny about attention. She didn't want to play because she doesn't want people looking at her and she breaks into tears whenever people talk about her even if you are just repeating something cute she said or did earlier. She hates that! Poor dear, she's pretty adorable and I'm afraid I'm the worst culprit because I always want to tell Christopher about the cute things she does and it always happens at dinner and she runs away from the table in tears. Here's her soccer pictures!