Friday, January 21, 2011


This is just to prove that I can be equally adorably crafty as all the rest of you! (Much to my own surprise)

Eva turns 4!

Each of our kids, on their 4th birthday, got to have 4 friends over for lunch, games, a craft, and cake! Eva had three friends come celebrate the day with her, Ava K, Lola B, and Ally M. Eva's party had a My Little Pony theme. The girls put cutie marks on Rainbow Dash (pin the tail on the donkey), painted ceramic ponies, and licked icing off of cupcakes (I don't know why kids always prefer the icing, myself, I like the cake!)

In the evening Grandpa, Grandma, Aunt Kadi, Aunt Dana, Uncle Dave, and Cage come over for spaghetti and presents, and of course CAKE! Eva got 2 of every present which taught Mom that in future I will need to communicate a little better with Grandma :-) Same toy, same coloring books, luckily at the last minute Aunt Kadi switched out the pony she choose, thus getting one Eva didn't have instead of the one she had already gotten that day (unbeknownst to Kadi)

Gingerbread Village

A work in progress!
It's all in the details

This years creations!

Beautiful Children

I just like pictures of my beautiful children!

Christmas Tree Hunting

We like to get our Christmas Tree up the day after Thanksgiving. This year we walked around the corner to a Christmas Tree tent that was set up in a parking lot and since Heather Gavin and her kiddos were with us, they helped us choose the perfect tree. Then, of course, we had to walk home with it! BTW, we were bundled up much more than necessary but it was fun and the kids hadn't gotten to wear any hats or gloves yet so they wanted to.