Wednesday, June 30, 2010


This years garden we planted 3 varietys of tomatoes, 6 green pepper plants, 10 green bean plants, 2 zucchini, and 2 cucumber. I learn something new every time I plant a garden and this years biggest lesson has been that zucchini and cucumber should not be planted next to each other. The result is giant zuccumbers. The largest is 14 inches long as you can see (the blue stick in the middle is a ruler), and they are thick, really thick. We have so far enjoyed 3 rather large meaty slicing tomatoes and are getting ready to enjoy these 3 roma tomatoes as well as the zuccumbers (once we figure out which is which and if they're edible). We also have a really good crop of green bell peppers that should be ready for picking soon.n Yeah for gardens!

Christopher's 31!

Christopher got Ticket to Ride (german map) for his birthday and then we had a BBQ at the park with 50+ of our closest friends. Great birthday!

A day at the Beach

The kids love to go out to Joe Pool Lake and spend the day in the sand and water when Christopher is off work. Eva rarely actually gets in the water, mostly just digs in the sand, but the other two love the water!

More Graduation Pictures

This is Elly Kokenes. Jack's best friend and girlfriend. She likes to dig for bugs, climb in trees, and loves Jack, what more could we ask for? She is in our ward as well as Jack's pre-k class.

Isabelle was sent home on the second to last day of school with a fever and pink-eye so she wasn't allowed to attend her graduation, but these pictures are from Jack's graduation.

Pre-K Graduation

Mrs. Faustino and Ms. Nash

So proud of my boy!


More Ladybugs

Last game of the season

Coach Lori and Coach Toby

Belle really learned first base this year. The last 4 games, she got 6 outs at first. She's amazing!

Frutis of our labor

So yummy! Mom, Kadi, and I had hit the Dallas Farmers Market and scored on bananas and peaches. Kadi and I made 52 jars of peach preserves (some of them became syrup) and 4 jars of salsa. I love seeing all the jars on the counter at the end of the day and hearing the occasional pop as they seal. Thanks Mom for setting the example for me when I was young so that I would be interested in the canning process. I'm so grateful that I can do this.

Belle's Artwork

This was submitted by Belle's art teacher for display in the distric Art show at the end of the year. She loved her Ms. Bailey and excelled in art class. Great job Belle!