Thursday, December 24, 2009


So...several weeks ago Christopher felt the distinct impression that we should apply to LDS family services for a new baby, without any prompting from me. When he told me about his feelings I was thrilled, to say the least, and we've been working on the process ever since. Right now we are working on getting our Home Study done, but Christopher says we should tell everyone so that they can start helping us look for a baby! If you are reading this, than you are our loved ones and we are asking you to help us out. If you know an unwed young woman who is pregnant and making decisions about her baby, please tell her about our family, (leave out our last name). We don't have a profile at yet, but we will soon. Please keep us in your prayers as we work our way through this process.

Much love,
Christopher and Robin
Isabelle, Jack, and Eva

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


You'll never believe it without a picture so here it is. This morning I put Belle and Jack on the bus in a chilly rain, that's what the weather man said, so no surprise there. At 8:30 Eva came running in to me to tell me it was snowing, I thought maybe it was a little slushie outside, or she could see a flake or two out the window. I got up and looked and then sent Eva out to get a picture of her in it. It was completely melted by 10am but it was here and I have proof!

Christmas Spirit

We decided that we just couldn't wait until Monday to get a tree so we went out within an hour of being home in Dallas on Saturday.
Picked a cute little tree from a neighborhood tree lot.
We made the poor kids wait until Sunday afternoon to decorate it for our Sunday familiy activity. Which was very hard on them. Looks fabulous! And really helped all of us get into the Christmas Spirit! We already have a little pile of presents underneath, thanks to the Nixes and Black Friday.

KC Friends

We had a chance to hang out with most of the friends from Kansas City that matter to us. We went to church in Riverview Ward and were joyfully greeted by friends we've truly missed. We had dinner with the Munger's and LaPlants, the girls had so much fun re-getting to know one another.
We spent Monday evening with the Gavin's, Woodwards, and Twente's. I also got to see my good friend Mary Anne, who I met 9 years ago in the Philippines and who now lives in our old ward! So good to see her and her family.

KC family

We had a blast spending Thanksgiving week in Kansas City. We stayed at Christopher's brother's house. Paul and Lucie were great, we loved seeing the kids. Eva and Ensley were quite the pair, it was fun to see them become friends. Arizona is an adorable little baby who I had a blast holding as often as possible. Jack, too, loved her. I had no idea he was a baby fan. I asked him why he liked her (he always called her 'it') and he said "well, I like this one because it smiled at me so it's my friend. I like to hold it."

Christopher and Paul spent a good portion of the week on the Xbox. Ensley and Eva ran around in circles screaming (happy screams) the whole week. We spent Thanksgiving day at Lucie's parents house, took the kids to the plaza lighting. And Lucie and I went Black Friday shopping at midnight! So much fun!

10 years ago!

I can't believe I graduated high school 10 years ago, and yet, so it is. The reunion was not exactly what I thought it would be but we had fun anyhow. I talked with a dozen people at least who I never spoke one word to in school. I also got to catch up with a few friends and see where they are now. Just like in school, I pretty much just spent the time with Heather, we're still friends after all these years, 14 to be exact. Crazy! For all of you who've wanted to see pictures of my curly hair. Here they are!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I'm stirring and stirring and stirring my brew. Ooohhh, oooohhh. I'm stirring and stirring and stirring my brew. Ooohhh, ooohhh. Tip toe, tip toe, tip toe, BOO! Three witches haunted our house on Halloween (and the night before at the Trunk-or-Treat). We had a pink witch, an orange witch, and a purple witch. I wish this picture showed the costumes better. Isabelle has on bright pink tights and a pink belt and Eva has on orange and black stripped leggings and they both have awesome dresses and capes (that I made myself).
Daddy and Jack decided not to join with the theme and opted instead to dress as a fireman and a soccer player (he's been looking for a reason to wear this jersey since he got home from his mission). We all had fun and brought home loads of treats. Happy Halloween!

Storybook Character Dress-up Day

No Halloween costumes were allowed at school but on Friday (Oct. 30th) the kids were allowed to dress-up as a favorite storybook character (had to be a book first if it was also a movie). And they had to bring the book with them to school.

Jack decided to be Max from the Max and Tiny books. He looked fabulous despite the fact that he has too much hair to make it all stand up straight.

Isabelle has been reading the American Girls books and picked Kit Kittredge to dress as. She, too, looked fabulous. And we didn't have to buy anything!

Belle's 6th Birthday

Belle had an awesome birthday whose celebrations spanned almost 10 days! To start with, on Friday Oct 23rd she had a GNO (Girls' Night Out) with 3 friends. Allison Greenwood, from her primary class, Kacie Padovich, a long time friend, and Kailey Choi, who is in Belle's class at school and lives on our street. Dad took Jack to the YMCA so that it was just us girls at home, we had cheese pizza, Belle's favorite, and some cupcakes while we watched the Hannah Montana movie, also Belle's favorite. The girls all had a blast and when the movie finished they taught each other cool dance moves and did cartwheels 'til they were dizzy. This was the simplest and best birthday party ever. Unfourtunately I forgot to take pictures of the event. Oops!
The following Wednesday, her class celebrated her birthday (the teacher was scheduled to miss the actual birthday so they did it early) and she received a book from Ms. Conine. Then on Thursday (29th, actual birthday) Jack, Eva and I had lunch with her at school and brought her a bouquet of flowers, she got to be on the announcements with the principal in the morning, she wore a birthday hat all day, and she had an overall fantastic day. Her friend Kacie came over to give her a present (Miley Cyrus t-shirt) in the evening and we opened all her gifts. Jewelry was the theme, and Christopher and I gave her a new jewerly box to keep it all in.
The best gift was a locket with pictures of Christopher and I that she loves (we watched A Little Princess recently and she fell in love with the idea of the locket which went perfectly with our theme for her birthday very conveniently). She says her locket holds hugs and every time she needs a hug she can just hug the locket and know that it's really a hug from us. After presents we went to CiCi's for some pizza, and since it's a buffet and they have dessert we put off cake until Sunday.
Sunday my cousins Daniel and Kat Herring came over for dinner and brought yet another present, Tinkerbell. Then we all enjoyed some Angel Food Cake with whipped cream and strawberries. Isabelle's not a big fan of icing on cakes so I was more than thrilled to introduce her to my favorie birthday treat. And it was yummy!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More Pumpkin Fun!

For Playgroup today we went to a pumpkin patch and had a blast with all of our friends. I am really starting to enjoy time with just me and Eva but I always feel bad that Belle and Jack have to miss out on stuff. Belle almost cried when we drove past the pumpkin patch after school and she asked if we could go, I told her that Eva and I had gone early today and it almost broke her heart that we had done something so fun without her. However, I did have a lovely time with Eva as evidenced by these super cute pumpkin pictures. We walked around and enjoyed all the pumpkins for a little while and then decorated the ones we had bought with some awesome jack-o-lantern sticker kits. Oh, and I absolutely love Eva's leggings. They were $1 at Target and I couldn't pass them up. This was the perfect occasion to wear them, she just blends in with the surroundings. If I must say so myself, she's pretty adorable.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Getting Ready to 'BOO!'

Christopher accidentally left his laptop at work (I hope it's still there in the morning) and he came home a little early so we took advantage of the chance to do some of our Halloween preparations. We started out with a couple of large pumpkins to carve and ate some candy corn while we did it. Christopher always has wonderful pumpkins and I always feel the lack of creativity and ability on my part so for the first time we purchased a little kit with tiny little detail knives and about 15 patterns (so that's how people make those fabulous pumpkins you see).

The girls set to work on a ghost that says boo in his middle and the boys cut out a skull. Neither group knew what the other was making (except for maybe Jack who couldn't help but look at ours as often as possible). Then we took them to the front porch, lit them up, and admired eachothers hard work. I'm rather proud actually, I think they both turned out spectacular (for the first time ever).

But our family night of Halloween fun did not end there. We had been recently Boo'd (doorbell ditched with a bucket of Halloween candy). It's going around our neighborhood. Everyone is supposed to post the sign that comes with their goodies on their front door showing that they've been Boo'd and then do it to two neighbors who haven't been Boo'd. So we packed up two ghost buckets full of goodies and the girls and I watched from the window while Christohper, all dressed in black, took Jack (all dressed in black) on his first ever doorbell ditch. Jack believes that the girl across the street is in his class, even though I have been unable to confirm whether or not it's true, but I'm sure she goes to their school nonetheless, so that's who he chose for his trip. Isabelle also chose a girl from her class who lives down the block from us but unfortunately we aren't exactly sure which house she lives in (it's around a corner) so we are spying for her car and we'll probably get to do her in the next few days. Isabelle doesn't understand why she can't just stand on the porch and hand the candy to her friend so she'll know who it's from. We had to explain several times that the point is we don't want them to know who it's from. When she found out that she's supposed to be a ghost and she'll get to act like one, she liked the idea a lot better. She is, after all, quite the actrice. My little ghosts are so adorable :-)

What a night! The kids are having a blast and it's great to get the full attention of Daddy for a few hours.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Toothless Grin

So after 4 teeth I finally took some pictures. Yes that is Isabelle with a giant whole in the front of her face. Normally there a shining white teeth there but for now she'll have to do without. I have no idea how she'll even be able to eat but I guess it's all part of the Lord's plan so I'm sure she'll figure something out. Anyhow, here's my toothless girl!
It's amazing how this whole tooth thing works, really, it's almost like magic. Every time a tooth falls (or gets yanked) out Isabelle finds $1 under her pillow the following morning in place of the tooth she deposited there. She also finds a nice little note from a beautiful little fairy claiming to be responsible for the collection of her teeth. She loves it!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First Bus Ride

So, the first day of school we waited for the bus, and waited, and waited. It didn't show up and it was getting late so I drove them to school. But by the second day things were a little smoother so they got to ride the bus and loved it. I don't know what it is about a bus that is so appealing to little ones. Anyhow, the first week, they loaded up onto the bus and then Eva and I got in the car and would be at the school waiting for them when the bus arrived to let them off. Then I could walk them to breakfast and to their classes and make sure everyone knew where to go. They did great and got the hang of it really quick. Now Eva gets to sleep in and I just say good-bye at the end of the street! So here they are waiting for the bus (the second day) and climbing on. I can't believe I am old enough to have kids that ride a bus.

First Day of School!

Eva wanted a picture too!
Isabelle, ready for Kindergarten!

Jack is headed to Pre-k!
Belle and Jack are at the same school, although Jack is just 1/2 day. They love riding the bus together and they get to eat breakfast at school, which is Jack's favorite part.

Belle's haircut

Isabelle had a big haircut two days before school started. She wanted to go short so we did!

It was so pretty long but it's a lot easier and looks cleaner most the time, being short.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Garden Goodies

We are starting to enjoy the fruits of our labor, although the amount you pay in soil, plants, tools, etc hardly makes it worth it. Growing your own food is definately not cheaper than buying it at the store, but it is fun and the kids are learning from our efforts. Here are some pictures of our potato crop. Something about growing it yourself makes it taste SOOO much better. These were turned into three days worth of fabulous mashed potatoes.


I just realized that I never posted about Eva's stitches. She was jumping off the wall at the pool during her swim lesson, when she turned half way out and landed fast first against the wall. Her upper front teeth went through her lip. She got 9 stitches and a face full of gross for a week but it healed amazingly fast and she is completely back to normal.


Pictures will follow but for now I'll just tell you about it. Both Isabelle and Jack are on baseball teams (t-ball) this summer. Isabelle plays for the Rangers and Jack for the Red Sox. Isabelle practices twice per week and Jack only once. We are having a blast.

After the first practice we went out and bought batting helments, bats, cleats, baseball pants and socks, etc. Christopher wanted Isabelle to be the princess of baseball since she's the only girl so she got cleats that were puffpainted pink (pink ones at the store are expensive), a pink helment, a pink bat, a pink glove, etc. Everything is pink. Her teammates all have a crush on her which is really cute, they all want to stand next to her, do what she does, wait for her to take a turn, etc. She is learning fast and doing pretty well in the outfield she plays left-center or first base, she is still working on batting from a tee.

Jack's team is hilarious to watch, oh what a difference a year makes, the 4 year olds don't even understand the game yet. Jack is playing 1st base, he does pretty well chasing the balls that get thrown to him. There were as many parents as kids on the field, each standing behind a kid (not necessarily their own) trying to guide them about when to play and when to stand still. He bats pretty well though. He hits straight and clear, he just needs to put some more muscle into it and he'll be a fabulous hitter.

Between those three practices each week and Christophers softball games we are pretty busy. We are having a blast. Since Christopher is out of school baseball seems to be the biggest thing in our lives right now. Games start the week of the 13th. Wish them luck and I promise to post some pictures of the games. Maybe Eva and I should find teams to play on?


We had grits for breakfast a few mornings ago and Jack kept calling them e-grits which we thought was funny but didn't understand. Did he think they were electronic grits? We often ask the kids where different foods come from and what categories they are in (food pyramid). When we got to the grits on our list of breakfast foods Jack answered quickly and firmly, they come from Egrets. Aah, the answer to our question.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Race Day

On May 8th, 2009 Isabelle and I, along with my Mom and sister, Kadi, walked the Susen G. Komen Race for the Cure in Tyler Texas. 5k is longer than you think! I am so proud of Isabelle. She did her first 5k at 5 years old! That's fantastic! Hopefully it won't be her last. We've always seen her athleticism, especially when it comes to distance and endurance. She can out run any of the others her age and many older. Race day was beautiful. The four of us had bought matching shorts so that we could be a 'team'. Isabelle's little toushie in those running shorts was adorable. We walked pretty well the first mile. The second one was a struggle, Belle wanted to stop a lot. We ran a few times to distract ourselves. After the 2 mile marker I decided to see if I could run the last mile, I'd been working up to a 1 mile run at the gym, so I left Belle with Mom and Kadi and took off on my own. I ran most of it, walked on a couple hills. I timed in at 51 minutes, then walked back to the others at 1 hr. and 4 minutes. I know 17 minute miles aren't that great, but considering I walked two of them and ran only 1, it was a good time. I'm pretty proud of myself. It was a lot of fun and I'm way glad that I was able to share it with Mom and Kadi, but especially Isabelle. It was an awesome Mother's day gift. I'm sure we will do plenty more.