Friday, March 23, 2012


So here's the semi-offical announcement. Christopher and I have been working towards becoming foster parents so that we could adopt out of the state of Texas foster-care system. We've felt strongly for sometime that our family wasn't done growing and since the main door for family growing has been closed, we thought we should open some windows! We are now offically liscensed! Yeah! But before we got fully liscensed we've been doing what is called 'respite care' where we babysit for other foster parents for 2-3 days at a time, if they need to go out of town or just need a break or something. We fell in love with 3 kiddos that we did respite care for and found out a week later that they needed to move foster homes and CPS wanted the next placement to be permenant. They picked us and we are thrilled! If everything goes as planned it will turn into an adoptive placement sometime in April after the termination hearing. We're happy to welcome these 3 precious kiddos into our family whether it's permenant or only semi-permenant. :-) I think I'm not technically allowed to post their names or pictures on a public place like this so I'll stick with the announcement itself. I'll post pics as soon as I'm allowed. Stay tuned!


After a derth of several months without a working camera and we're to technology-challenged to have phones that do it easily and accesibly and too cheap to pay for a data plan anyhow, we finally resumed picture taking with the purchase of a new camera. Yeah! So now it's time to update the blog. The new camera also allowed me to get some pictures off my camera that I thought were stuck forever. :-)
Here's the Cowtown 5k/10k pictures. This race was at the end of February, it's a HUGE event every year with runs over two days varying from 5k to ultra-marathon. All three kiddos did the 5k. Isabelle and Jack are old pros at this but it was Eva's first 5k! Way to go little girl. Isabelle came in at 36:58; Jack was and 33:44 minutes, not their fastest but really good times considering how cold it was and this was the first time they ran without parents! Eva came in at 58:49 with Dad. Mom and Dad did our first 10k's the same day, Dad at 54:32 and Mom at 1:05:24. Overall it was a great race and lots of fun and thanks to Clarissa Grover we sported matching Team Edwards shirts for the event!