Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More Pumpkin Fun!

For Playgroup today we went to a pumpkin patch and had a blast with all of our friends. I am really starting to enjoy time with just me and Eva but I always feel bad that Belle and Jack have to miss out on stuff. Belle almost cried when we drove past the pumpkin patch after school and she asked if we could go, I told her that Eva and I had gone early today and it almost broke her heart that we had done something so fun without her. However, I did have a lovely time with Eva as evidenced by these super cute pumpkin pictures. We walked around and enjoyed all the pumpkins for a little while and then decorated the ones we had bought with some awesome jack-o-lantern sticker kits. Oh, and I absolutely love Eva's leggings. They were $1 at Target and I couldn't pass them up. This was the perfect occasion to wear them, she just blends in with the surroundings. If I must say so myself, she's pretty adorable.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Getting Ready to 'BOO!'

Christopher accidentally left his laptop at work (I hope it's still there in the morning) and he came home a little early so we took advantage of the chance to do some of our Halloween preparations. We started out with a couple of large pumpkins to carve and ate some candy corn while we did it. Christopher always has wonderful pumpkins and I always feel the lack of creativity and ability on my part so for the first time we purchased a little kit with tiny little detail knives and about 15 patterns (so that's how people make those fabulous pumpkins you see).

The girls set to work on a ghost that says boo in his middle and the boys cut out a skull. Neither group knew what the other was making (except for maybe Jack who couldn't help but look at ours as often as possible). Then we took them to the front porch, lit them up, and admired eachothers hard work. I'm rather proud actually, I think they both turned out spectacular (for the first time ever).

But our family night of Halloween fun did not end there. We had been recently Boo'd (doorbell ditched with a bucket of Halloween candy). It's going around our neighborhood. Everyone is supposed to post the sign that comes with their goodies on their front door showing that they've been Boo'd and then do it to two neighbors who haven't been Boo'd. So we packed up two ghost buckets full of goodies and the girls and I watched from the window while Christohper, all dressed in black, took Jack (all dressed in black) on his first ever doorbell ditch. Jack believes that the girl across the street is in his class, even though I have been unable to confirm whether or not it's true, but I'm sure she goes to their school nonetheless, so that's who he chose for his trip. Isabelle also chose a girl from her class who lives down the block from us but unfortunately we aren't exactly sure which house she lives in (it's around a corner) so we are spying for her car and we'll probably get to do her in the next few days. Isabelle doesn't understand why she can't just stand on the porch and hand the candy to her friend so she'll know who it's from. We had to explain several times that the point is we don't want them to know who it's from. When she found out that she's supposed to be a ghost and she'll get to act like one, she liked the idea a lot better. She is, after all, quite the actrice. My little ghosts are so adorable :-)

What a night! The kids are having a blast and it's great to get the full attention of Daddy for a few hours.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Toothless Grin

So after 4 teeth I finally took some pictures. Yes that is Isabelle with a giant whole in the front of her face. Normally there a shining white teeth there but for now she'll have to do without. I have no idea how she'll even be able to eat but I guess it's all part of the Lord's plan so I'm sure she'll figure something out. Anyhow, here's my toothless girl!
It's amazing how this whole tooth thing works, really, it's almost like magic. Every time a tooth falls (or gets yanked) out Isabelle finds $1 under her pillow the following morning in place of the tooth she deposited there. She also finds a nice little note from a beautiful little fairy claiming to be responsible for the collection of her teeth. She loves it!