Thursday, January 14, 2010

Adoption updates

We now have a seperate blog completely dedicated to our adoption. If you know anyone who would like to learn about us please direct them to Check us out and see what you think! Don't forget to tell your friends about us.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Eva is 3!!!

Tons of art supplies for our little girl this year. She got 15 coloring books in all, no two the same! She also got crayons, chalk, coloring pencils, paints, markers, etc. It will all go wonderfully with the easel she got from Santa Claus! She had a strawberry cake with pink icing and pink sprinkles. Such a happy birthday!

Christmas Morning

Eva enjoying the presents
Best gift of the day, she carried this cat around like it was real
Plenty of joy
New hat, new PJ's, new chair, happy girl
Guns that light up!
Reading material
Awesome waffle maker
Man jewelry
Transformers, is there anything cooler?
Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve Pajamas

Another Eyerly family tradition is to open one present on Christmas Eve, not just any present, a specific present brought by Santa's elves. Everybody gets the same gift and usually it's something that can be used that night. This year everyone received a holiday mug to use for hot cocoa before bed and our kids also received new pajamas. Here they are!

Christmas Singing

In the Eyerly family there is a nightly December tradition of singing Christmas carols as a candle burns down. We start with the youngest member of the group and once everyone has had a turn anyone can just yell out a song. The rules are 1) stop singing when the candle has lost all light 2) no 12 days of Christmas until the flame is almost out 3) Mom sings 'O Holy Night' when it's done. That's it, otherwise anything goes, including songs that no one knows more than a line or two of.

As we were spending the Christmas holidays with the Eyerly family we got to participate in this family tradition. We were joined at Mom and Dad's house by Wade & Kelli, David & Dana, Casi & Jonathan, and Dane (plus Mom & Dad, and Kadi). It was a full house but lots of fun. On Christmas Eve Wade and Kelli left to fly to Utah but we were joined by Dan and Kat Herring and Aunt Kerry.

We had such a blast. The kids loved getting to pick songs and trying to learn all the words. They also loved seeing so many aunts and uncles in one place. What a treat!
Since my pictures include most of the Eyerly side of the family, I'll post them on that blog.