Thursday, October 4, 2012

Spelling Story

One of Isabelle's options for spelling practice each week is to write a story using her spelling words.  This weeks story was so good I had to post it.  The spelling words are italicized.

"The mild and mighty wind looked as if it started a fight. But then a child named Emily saw it and was scared because an unfriendly wolf was behind the tree.  He was staring right at the child thinking in his mind "I will fry the child."  With delight he tightly squeezed his hands.  But the wolf was careless and stayed there for a while so Emily ran as fast as she could.  But the wolf ran as if in flight.  He caught Emily and went to the baker.  Thinking it would satisfy his diet he said "Cook this child in mild hot sauce."  But the baker said "no, I will not."  So the wolf went to buy green dye to have green eggs and ham instead.  The wolf shared with the baker, which brought brightness to his heart."

By Isabelle Edwards

I thought it was adorable and awfully creative and post-worthy.


  1. Wow! She's a super writer! I love it. How great that she was able to put all of that into a real story.

  2. That's awesome. Is there anything Isabelle isn't awesome at?