Thursday, December 24, 2009


So...several weeks ago Christopher felt the distinct impression that we should apply to LDS family services for a new baby, without any prompting from me. When he told me about his feelings I was thrilled, to say the least, and we've been working on the process ever since. Right now we are working on getting our Home Study done, but Christopher says we should tell everyone so that they can start helping us look for a baby! If you are reading this, than you are our loved ones and we are asking you to help us out. If you know an unwed young woman who is pregnant and making decisions about her baby, please tell her about our family, (leave out our last name). We don't have a profile at yet, but we will soon. Please keep us in your prayers as we work our way through this process.

Much love,
Christopher and Robin
Isabelle, Jack, and Eva

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


You'll never believe it without a picture so here it is. This morning I put Belle and Jack on the bus in a chilly rain, that's what the weather man said, so no surprise there. At 8:30 Eva came running in to me to tell me it was snowing, I thought maybe it was a little slushie outside, or she could see a flake or two out the window. I got up and looked and then sent Eva out to get a picture of her in it. It was completely melted by 10am but it was here and I have proof!

Christmas Spirit

We decided that we just couldn't wait until Monday to get a tree so we went out within an hour of being home in Dallas on Saturday.
Picked a cute little tree from a neighborhood tree lot.
We made the poor kids wait until Sunday afternoon to decorate it for our Sunday familiy activity. Which was very hard on them. Looks fabulous! And really helped all of us get into the Christmas Spirit! We already have a little pile of presents underneath, thanks to the Nixes and Black Friday.

KC Friends

We had a chance to hang out with most of the friends from Kansas City that matter to us. We went to church in Riverview Ward and were joyfully greeted by friends we've truly missed. We had dinner with the Munger's and LaPlants, the girls had so much fun re-getting to know one another.
We spent Monday evening with the Gavin's, Woodwards, and Twente's. I also got to see my good friend Mary Anne, who I met 9 years ago in the Philippines and who now lives in our old ward! So good to see her and her family.

KC family

We had a blast spending Thanksgiving week in Kansas City. We stayed at Christopher's brother's house. Paul and Lucie were great, we loved seeing the kids. Eva and Ensley were quite the pair, it was fun to see them become friends. Arizona is an adorable little baby who I had a blast holding as often as possible. Jack, too, loved her. I had no idea he was a baby fan. I asked him why he liked her (he always called her 'it') and he said "well, I like this one because it smiled at me so it's my friend. I like to hold it."

Christopher and Paul spent a good portion of the week on the Xbox. Ensley and Eva ran around in circles screaming (happy screams) the whole week. We spent Thanksgiving day at Lucie's parents house, took the kids to the plaza lighting. And Lucie and I went Black Friday shopping at midnight! So much fun!

10 years ago!

I can't believe I graduated high school 10 years ago, and yet, so it is. The reunion was not exactly what I thought it would be but we had fun anyhow. I talked with a dozen people at least who I never spoke one word to in school. I also got to catch up with a few friends and see where they are now. Just like in school, I pretty much just spent the time with Heather, we're still friends after all these years, 14 to be exact. Crazy! For all of you who've wanted to see pictures of my curly hair. Here they are!