Friday, March 25, 2011

Jack's hockey grin!

His teeth have always been adorable to me, I love the big space in the middle of his two front teeth, but I'll admit, it gets rather old having to explain to people on a daily, yes I get asked at least once every day, basis that 'no, he hasn't lost a tooth he just has a big space.' So I'm not going to lie, I've been waiting for this tooth to fall out for a while and I've been pretty excited about it. The last couple of days it's been hanging on by a thread. When he was headed to bed I checked his tooth like always and it's barely in there. He freaked out thinking I was going to pull it out and hurt him. He got hysterical when Christopher suggested we get out the video camera and film him while we tie a string to his tooth and attach it to a door knob to slam. Amid all his hysterics, I asked him if I could check it again, at which time I pulled the tooth out without him knowing it. He continued to freak out about how much it would hurt him if I pulled it and then I showed him that it was in my hand. Hysterics done. Now we have this adorable grin to see and I don't have to explain away the space anymore, because "Yes, he lost his tooth."

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Honk if you see me!

This is my new ride, so if you live in Arlington, expect to see me out and about in this. Whenever you think to yourself "who is that crazy lady riding around with those kids," it's probably me! Honk if you see me! I'm loving this new way of saving gas money. All errands within a 4 mile radius are now pedaled to! Last week while Christopher was home with the youngest ones napping, I took Isabelle and Jack out. They each rode their scooters (Christmas presents) and I rode the bike, we went to 3 grocery stores (couponing) and returned home, the entire trip was 4 miles. We had loads of fun and the kiddos were troopers. No complaints at all, except on the last street on the way home they agreed with eachother that their legs were tired. Yeah for saving money, being green, and a healthier body!

Spring Break

As with every year, we spent most of Spring Break working in the yard. Every year we have improved our garden space a little more as well as our landscaping, but this year, I think we finally got it right. When we moved into this house 4 years ago, this space was all grass. A little at a time we've turned it into a more functional and practical garden space as well as the perfect oasis for our family. We've got an out door kitchen on the porch as well as our out door dining room and Christopher got a brand new grill for his early birthday present, The main garden has all of the vegetables and we ran a hose underneath the porch and under the path, it comes up in the middle of the vegetable garden so watering will be much easier. There is an herb garden in my garden boxes (on the right of the picture), and the path looks wonderful, there are also flowers blooming all over the rest of the yard. Christopher works so hard in the yard and I am so glad that it turned out so well. I'm proud of all that he does for our home and family.

Rodeo Day

Kindergarten had a Rodeo Day to wrap up their Texas unit. The kids got to dress as cowboys and bring and props they wanted (except for toy guns). Jack loves his stick horses so that worked out well. He apparently ropped quite a few stuffed cows during gym class. Uncle Gabe brought out a couple of belt buckles for him to choose from. We couldn't find the right kind of belt, unfourtunately so I had to tape one side of the buckle onto his belt, yes, I am that ghetto.

Snow Day (that turned into a week)

In Texas we generally get about 1 'snow day' per year, usually it's just ice though, not really snow. However this year our snow day turned into a snow week. Christopher and the kids were out ALL WEEK, starting February 1st, and it was wonderful. We played games and did projects and spent time together and since it was cold and miserable outside we didn't leave the house. On friday, we ventured out in our snow gear to walk the 2 blocks to the nearest Redbox for some movies. And we only had one fall on the trip, Christopher and Eva slipped on some ice and went down together. The only pictures we took were from the first day. The kids woke up and looked out at the snow, they immediately noticed some foot prints that seemed to come from nowhere and go nowhere. They woke us up to show us and we decided to solve the mystery! It became the mystery of the footprints, we went out and measured the footprints and mapped the trail, following it as much as possible and then we let each of the kids come up with a possible solution to who could've left the prints. Each of the kids dressed themselves for the cold weather, as you can see they were rather creative. When they had all submitted their answers Christopher got on the computer with them and 'researched' until they determined the prints to be from a common housecat. It was so much fun!